Mid-Year Realizations

January is a common time where the ideology of those in the Western worlds set plans and resolutions to transform themselves within the next year. The harsh reality is that most Americans and other countries involved with the idea of resolutions at the start of the year end up quitting and failing by the time February comes around.

I myself fell victim to this normal ideology that we have adapted into our society about having goals for the new year. I had the assumption that at this point of the year I would have graduated college and have a full time job that was related to my major, International Affairs. As my anticipated graduation date approached I came to the realization that finding a job right out of college related to International Affairs is extremely difficult! To also note that I wouldn’t have graduated either due to a situation with a professor’s pride.

The long story short is that having resolutions without having any knowledge on what the future holds for us is extremely challenging. When there are circumstances that prohibit us to accomplish or achieve out goals make us feel like a failure when we tried our best within the situation.

When I started this blog in January, I wanted to document the journey of fitness and hiking as a beginner. The reality was that I was awful at time management with academics, work, church, and being president of archery that the blog and fitness was on the back burner. I will admit that this past spring semester was one of the hardest academic semesters that I had with long amounts of essays with extensive research.

The reality with it now being July and the year of 2018 almost over, this is the time on which I thought I would reflect myself and aspirations that I would like to continue the rest of the year with. I would still like to focus on my journey of being a beginner in fitness and hiking realm. It is definitely will be a challenge with the amount of closures of State Parks within Arizona and working two part time jobs, however if you want something badly enough then there is a way that you can do it.

The issue that I always fall into and keep repeating is that I make too many goals for myself and spread myself out too thin. I believe that this is an issue with most people at the beginning of the year and when the month of February comes they feel overwhelmed by the goals that they already slacked on and quit. The reality is that achieving a goal comes with many failures that will put you to the test if you are motivated enough to keep pursuing it. One prime example is the amount of times I failed at assignments or did not receive the grades I set my goal towards, when the prime goal is to get a degree. Now, that I have one course left in the fall and two part-time jobs in hopes to pay my student loans early made me realize my failure and acknowledge that I am a motivated individual even when I doubt, myself.

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I am going to be giving my “2018 Resolutions list” some editing and scratching off because I know I set myself up for goals that I am not interested in anymore. I think resolutions and goals are a great idea to keep an individual motivated and acquire a new skill. However, starting with 2018, I think for myself personally that I am going to hold myself accountable with my resolutions every couple of months. The biggest lesson that I learned in 2018, was that I have a habit that I spread myself out too thin and when I am failing or slacking at something I feel like I am a failure. So my main priority is to check in with myself to see if I am putting too much on my plate and cut things out of my list.


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